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Photostability of Packaged Consumer Goods

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  • Atlas instruments and services save you money by helping you choose the right ingredients and packaging materials as well as helping back up warranty and service life claims.
  • Atlas offers tailored solutions to help you strengthen your market position and win new markets.
  • Atlas works hand-in-hand with clients, providing technical advice and assistance from equipment choice to final test method implementation.
  • Atlas is accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 and a recognized leader in quality control and quality assurance testing.

Food, drinks, personal care

Photostability of Packaged Consumer Goods

The success of todays consumer goods such as drinks, foodstuffs, personal care, and household products, is highly dependent upon their packaging. The use of transparent packaging is often preferred by manufacturers as it enables contents to easily be seen by consumers. Oftentimes, the ability to see attractive colors through transparent packaging plays a key role in influencing spontaneous purchasing decisions of certain products or brands. However, wherever there is light, there is a risk for photo-induced reactions that can impact colorants, vitamins, flavors, scents, or product homogeneity.

Realistic Testing

Atlas offers several tailored solutions based on xenon technology to address todays challenges of realistic consumer goods testing. Xenon is recognized worldwide as the light technology with the best full-spectrum match to solar radiation. Creating realistic light conditions is simply a matter of using the right optical filters for the specific application; e.g. Daylight, Daylight behind Window Glass, Store Light.

Reliable R&D and Shelf Life Prediction

Atlas wants you to make the right choices. After helping you determine the equipment that will best meet your testing needs, we provide further assistance to ensure that you are applying the right test conditions. We are here to help you achieve your goals in new product development or the determination of product shelf-life at the point of sale.

Some of our products and services

Xenotest Beta+ FD. Premium air-cooled xenon technology with custom racks for bottles and soft-packagings.
Xenotest Beta+ FD
Ci-Series Weather-Ometers. Premium water-cooled xenon technology with custom racks for bottles and soft-packagings.
Ci-Series Weather-Ometer


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